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HIFU for prostate cancer treatment in India and medical tourism both come in package for patients looking for economical prostate cancer treatment. Through the evolution of modern medicine, surgeons have now come up with a new prostate cancer treatment known in many circles as HIFU. HIFU for prostate cancer and to discuss the importance of national awareness of prostate disease. The event was led and attended by prominent urologists in the area including, Prof N P Gupta, president of the Urological Association of Asia and head of department of Urology of All India Institute of Medical Science in New Delhi; Dr Rajeev Sood, head of the department of Urology of RML Hospital, New Delhi and National Convenor of Prostate Disease Awareness Programme, secretary of North Zone Chapter of Urological Society of India; and Dr (colonel) H S Bhatyal, president, North Zone Chapter Urological Society of India to inaugurate Sonablate(R) HIFU in Delhi and PDAP programme nationwide.

“HIFU is a new technology that will really help to treat early stage prostate cancer patients,” said Dr N P Gupta at the official launch of Sonablate(R) HIFU in New Delhi. He also recommended that India should have cancer screening programmes to detect prostate cancer at early stage like developed countries.
A prostate cancer patient only needs to dedicate up to three hours for this procedure and may leave simple hours after the procedure it done. They just have to wait for the anaesthesia used to minimize discomfort to wear off. HIFU is non-ionizing and does not utilize radiation. Therefore, HIFU treatment can be used on a number of occasions without damaging healthy tissue. Due to this, physicians use HIFU when they do not see successful results using other prostate cancer treatments.
The Sonablate 500 is possibly the most well known HIFU therapy option utilized for the treatment of prostate cancer. It is currently used in a number of hospitals and clinics around the world. It is controlled through a computer and delivers the HIFU energy directed right at the infected area via a small rectal probe. Through this action, all tissue infected by cancer is eliminated. Through the use of integrated biplanar ultrasound imaging, relating planning and monitoring is offered throughout the duration of the treatment as well as images both before and after of the entire infected region.
No matter which disorder you talk about you can get it treated all in India. By the help of advanced health care and biotechnological development, India is leading their way in offering the best medical services worldwide. India is no less than the most high tech countries like USA, UK, etc. when it comes to the medical infrastructure and other related services at amazing affordable prices in comparison to others. This not only booms the patient’s response towards hospital networks but, has also raised the demand and standard of medical tourism in India.

Treatment of prostate Cancer is usually carried out after examining the patient condition as the treatment varies according to the severity of the problem. Radical Prostatectomy is a surgery which is carried out to remove the entire prostate with the tumour and this surgery is performed only when the cancer has not spread to other areas of the body. Radical radiotherapy is another common treatment for prostate cancer that has not yet spread to other areas of the body. During this treatment the prostate is bombarded with a beam of radioactive particles that kill the cancer cells. This is a two week course treatment with a rest period of two weeks in between. Whatever treatment option is adopted it is better to get it done by experts. New Delhi is known for the prostate cancer surgery and treatment thus patients from every part of India prefer prostate cancer surgery in New Delhi.
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The secret behind this workout is a special workout training method called the TriAngle Training Method. This training method works the three different muscles of the butt from multiple angles to give it the perfect round shape and lift. The workout is a great solution for any woman who has used machines like stair climbers and who have considered using uncomfortable, tight body reshapers to give her butt a lift.

Perhaps the best thing that the workout has done is remove the excuses that many women believe for why they haven't been able to get the perfect butt that they want. One of these excuses is that she can't change her butt. Many women believe that because they weren't born with the perfect butt or supermodel genes that they will never be able to get the butt they want. This is why so many women turn to funny shaped, unnatural looking butt pads and tight, uncomfortable body reshapers to get the shape they want. Now with this butt lift workout, women can get the butt that they want, no matter their genes or butt type.

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