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Physical Therapist-Rehab-McAllen Medical Center

Physical Therapist also help prevent conditions. Staff Physical Therapist (LPT) is responsible for. Evaluating, planning, educating, utilizing exercises and…

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You’ve gone to school, you have been praised during your medical internships and you know you are now ready, willing and able to take your physical therapy career to the next level. A great start, but this determination alone will not guarantee that you will obtain the physical therapy job you want. You need to do great at your job interview.

How to Put Your Best Foot Forward
Whether you are trying to apply to a medical facility or plan to assist a family with an injured loved one, the same rules of landing a dream physical therapy position will always apply. Below are some tips that can help you land a terrific job and get you well on your way to enjoying the rewarding aspects of your chosen profession:

1. Be confident, not cocky – the rule that applies in interpersonal relationships most certainly applies in the job arena. No one likes a braggart or a blowhard and that includes employers. At the same time, stuttering or acting nervous or unsure is not a good indication of how you would fare in a crisis situation. A healthy balance of self-assurance and calm are just what the doctor ordered.

2. Play up your strengths – if you have a brilliant track record with rehabilitating children or the elderly say so. Employers look for attributes that stand out and set you a part from the rest.

3. Supply references – and make sure they are reputable ones that will give you the glowing recommendation you are seeking. To that end, avoid references from unpleasant work situations. If that particular job comes up during the interview, refrain from trashing your former employer — you should simply imply that the job was not the right processional fit and move on.

4. Be personable – for example, detail what made you want to be a physical therapist. This is of interest to employers who want to ensure that you will be able to connect with patients in a way that builds and establishes long standing trust.

5. Provide a professional resume – Surprisingly, many employers are inundated with resumes that hardly cut the mustard when it comes to a professional presentation. You résumé will say a lot about you. Be thoughtful when preparing it. If for any reason you feel as if you can’t do a good job, there are a number of resume writing services available that are affordable and get the job done right!

6. Arrive early – at least 10-15 minutes if possible. Being on time doesn’t hurt and of course arriving late looks bad, but there is something to be said for appearing eager.

Above all, be honest and forthcoming. If you embellish or leave out pertinent job specific details, you will more than likely be found out. This, of course, will not look good. and your prospective employer may be put off.

As you try to land your dream job, keep in mind that it may not happen overnight. Sure there are times when someone walks right out of internship into a plum position, but these instances are few and far between. By remaining both realistic as well as optimistic you will inevitably find the perfect fit for your career goals and embark on a fulfilling professional journey.

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