MOR Vacations Review: Discover How MOR is LESS

In this MOR vacations review we will take a comprehensive look at the MOR Vacations business model, the compensation plan, the so-called “MOR Vacations Scam”, and your chances for creatinig long-term wealth with MOR Vacations compared with Global Resorts Network.

We’ll also analyze the value of the MOR product itself, the marketing approach and the various integrity issues with company leadership.

Specifically, we will compare MOR Vacations side-by-side with Global Resorts Network to determine which is the more lucrative business opportunity.

MOR is obsessed with Global Resorts Network, and for good reason. Global Resorts is the clear leader in the online travel business arena, and MOR is essentially a knock-off of Global.

Once you complete this detailed report, you will be able to pinpoint a major weakness in the MOR Vacations compensation plan that weakens an otherwise sound business opportunity.


Members Only Resorts (MOR) Vacations is an exclusive discount travel membership with access to 4 & 5 star resorts all over the world at discounts of 50%-80%. MOR uses a third party provider that has established long-term relationships with over 5,000 in the resort industry. In addition, a membership with MOR includes discounts on cruise ships and other travel related services.


Overall, this is an excellent product with tangible real world value for consumers. The same resort vacation memberships are sold by invitation only seminars and hotel presentations for between $ 9,000 – $ 12,000


To start with MOR at the Diamond level costs $ 1,998 up-front, or $ 2,874 on the pay plan. Warning: it’s important you understand that if you choose the payment plan, you’ll be paying almost 50% interest (Yikes!).


This is where where MOR Vacations falls off the map. As a rep with MOR you would make $ 1,000 commission from your direct sales, but only $ 500 on team sales.

MOR attempts to position itself as a top tier direct sales business with high end commissions. But closer examination reveals that because of the low price point, there’s only so much money to go around.

In simple terms, this means you have weak leverage and a limited earning potential, which leads to a higher drop-out rate on your team, not to mention internal competition with your own sponsor.


This is another area where MOR Vacations has documented problems. The founders of MOR left Global Resorts Network under dubious circumstances. We won’t re-hash all the negative details, but if you’re seriously considering this business you should do your due diligence.

Some quick research online will get you the whole story, and you can start with a factual MOR Vacations review at willschwartzcoaching dot com.

Bottom line: MOR Vacations leaders have some skeletons in their closet regarding a lack of integrity and you should definitely do your homework on this as part of your decision making process.


MOR Vacations tends to come on with a lot of hype and a high-pressure sell. As noted earlier, the focus of MOR Vacations marketing is to compare themselves with Global Resorts and claim that they offer a better opportunity.

The hole in the argument is that they’re not entirely truthful in their claims. In some cases they flat out lie – which is how the whole “MOR Vacations Scam” thing got started in the first place.

It appears that MOR Vacations is going for the high pressure sale, where hype and “sizzle” come first, and the real story gets steamrolled with fast talk.

You should take a moment to consider whether you want to be part of a company that resorts this type of marketing when trying to promote itself as compared to the leading company in online travel.


To cut through all the crap, let’s do a fact based side-by-side comparison so you can do the math for yourself and make an educated business decision.

MOR founders were all involved in GRN at one point before they decided to form a spin-off company and they basically copied the GRN business model. This explain why the memberships offered by each company are nearly identical.

Both have the advantage of being in the 8 Trillion dollar travel industry and offer a highly valued product/service that most people truly want and use. Both are travel club memberships that provide exclusive resort vacations at discounts of 50%-80%. Both utilize third party providers who have long term relationships with over 5,000 resorts. And both offer discounts on cruises and air travel as well.

The end result? Both MOR Vacations and Global Resorts Network offer a product/service with top shelf benefits and genuine stand-alone value for consumers.


While MOR incorporates cheaper products and is a lower cost business to join, Global Resorts has a far more powerful compensation plan where you can make more money as a business owner and is clearly the more lucrative business opportunity.

The question you should ask yourself is this: Are you only comparing MOR and GRN as a consumer?

Or are you interested in starting a home based business where you can earn real financial freedom and offer you greater time freedom to enjoy your life and spend quality time with family and friends?

Strictly from a consumer point of view, if you like to travel and want to save a lot of money staying at awesome resorts, you may want to consider MOR Vacations.

If you’re lookin at a real career working from home, maybe you love travel and want to save a lot of money staying at awesome resorts, but your main focus is to build a legitimate 6-figure business online and join a true leader with a powerhouse pay plan.

In that case, Global Resorts clearly offers a more lucrative compensation plan with literally double the earning potential.

Why drive a Ford Taurus when you could be in a BMW?

Numbers don’t lie. So here’s the breakdown:

With MOR you earn $ 1,000 commission on personal sales, but only $ 500 on your team sales.

With Global Resorts you earn $ 1,000 commission on every personal sale you make and $ 1,000 on your team sales.

Five teammates doing 2 sales /month with MOR would make you $ 5K/month. That same team with Global Resorts would earn you $ 10,000 month after month.

So it’s really pretty simple: do you think it makes sense to take “the cheap route” and save $ 1K on the buy-in only to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in residual income over the next couple years?

The MOR approach is to bum rush you with voodoo mathematics that MOR pays out 75% versus only 66% with GRN.

Except you don’t have to be a Harvard Grad to see that 66% of $ 2995 makes YOU more money than 75% of $ 1,998.

In the final analysis, MOR turns out to be LESS.

As a prospective business owner trying to decide the best opportunity for yourself and your family, once you realize that the 2 products are nearly identical and that you can make a lot more money with Global, the choice should be clear.

Will Schwartz is a professional marketer, author, and online business mentor who trains serious entrepreneurs on the skills and techniques to be successful in network marketing and direct sales.

A marketing expert and authority on MOR Vacations , Will teaches comprehensive integrated Attraction Marketing strategies using SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing, Article Marketing, AdWords and PPC, Team Building, Personal Development and Advanced Closing Techniques.

For a more info on MOR Vacations check out this MOR Vacations review .

You can find more about Will on his blog @ willschwartzcoaching.


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