Useful Fashion Advice Anyone Can Have

I am not a professional fashion adviser but still I have some sense in that field. I happen to notice some mistakes teenagers make when making their fashion statements. Here are a few observations and perhaps questions regarding making a fashion statement.

Will flat shoes look okay if worn by a petite lady? I have noticed that the shoe store as well as fashion magazines have been going over flats. Would it still be good for a petite lady to wear flats and with no reason to feel insecure about height? Remember the cliche, ‘great things come from small packages?’ My sister who stands only 5 feet loves to wear flat sandals. She is confident no matter how short she is.

Wearing flats nowadays are not only fashionable but also give our feet a break from all those high-heeled shoes we usually wear at work. It is not only comfortable but fashionable as well. They come in different colors and styles you can choose from. Just make sure that you choose a design that not only looks good but also makes you feel good.

Probably the most common hindrance a girl can have when it comes to choosing the right clothes that would suit them would be the shape of their body. Let’s face it. When we flip the pages of the magazine or watch our favorite fashion show on TV, we always see these beautifully shaped models who oftentimes remind us of our favorite Barbie doll that we love to dress when we were still young. Oftentimes, we are left with nothing but insecurity when looking on ourselves in the mirror and realize that our body shape is not like those models’ bodies.

Well, we can certainly do something with that. Nowadays, there are also different ways of dressing up women who have different body proportions. You can read your favorite magazine and find out different tips on how to dress up. Whether you are skinny or full-sized, have wide hips or a flat butt, picking the clothes that would enhance your body shape will definitely work.

There are a lot of designer clothes that would suit different body types. For example, if you have small hips and a flat butt, you should not tuck in your blouse because your hips will looks smaller if you do that. Use colorful pants or put a skirt on and a plain top. On the other hand, if you are conscious of having wide hips, the best way is to camouflage and produce a more A line silhouette. And use a top that is more colorful and with interesting detail.

These days more girls are using chandelier earrings. Although some are too heavy and might damage the ear piercing, they still keep on using it. Chandelier earrings are wonderful accessories that can dress up the simplest look and make it very elegant. There are many options out there to choose from and not all of them are very heavy. This is the In thing right now than wearing semi precious stones. It is not good to wear heavy earrings all the time so you have to choose the one that is light so that your ears will not hurt.


Supermodels' Secret Butt Lift Workout for a Lifted, Toned Butt

Angela-Marie-Carter_732869The secret is out! The Supermodels' secret butt lift workout that are used by Victoria Secret Supermodels have now been released to the public and made available for all women to use. The Brazil Butt Lift Workout used by Victoria Secret Supermodels and developed by supermodel trainer Leandro Carvalho is now available for purchase.

Many women are using the workout to get results that supermodels have been getting for years. Women have been able to use the Brazil Butt Lift workout to reduce, lift, and shape. Now, women who have been frustrated with not seeing results from traditional squats and lunges can breathe a sigh of relief and get the lifted, smooth, toned butt that they want.

The secret behind this workout is a special workout training method called the TriAngle Training Method. This training method works the three different muscles of the butt from multiple angles to give it the perfect round shape and lift. The workout is a great solution for any woman who has used machines like stair climbers and who have considered using uncomfortable, tight body reshapers to give her butt a lift.

Perhaps the best thing that the workout has done is remove the excuses that many women believe for why they haven't been able to get the perfect butt that they want. One of these excuses is that she can't change her butt. Many women believe that because they weren't born with the perfect butt or supermodel genes that they will never be able to get the butt they want. This is why so many women turn to funny shaped, unnatural looking butt pads and tight, uncomfortable body reshapers to get the shape they want. Now with this butt lift workout, women can get the butt that they want, no matter their genes or butt type.

By Angela Marie Carter

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