Discovering Cellulite Becomes Every Celebrities Worse Nightmare

Why society has this almost obsessive compulsion with finding cellulite is beyond comprehension. I am almost certain if you selected any womens magazine from the numerous available on the news stand it will feature either ads, articles or photo’s of cellulite. Most women especially any likley to be seen in the public eye see it as a serious problem which must be got rid of at all costs.

But why is it such a big deal, what is cellulite?

The dictionary defines cellulite as “A fatty deposit causing a dimpled or uneven appearance, as around the thighs and buttocks.” What happens medically is the fat, which is very close to the surface of the skin in these area, pushes itself against connective tissues in the skin to cause a dimpled look, which is refered to as called “peau d’orange” in France or orange peel if you prefer the translation.

Inspite of most peoples belief both women and men of all ages can have cellulite. This effect when seen in young baby will cause adoration will lead to horror when see in the mirror by most women. Trash mags and celebrity photo mags take an almost mischevious delight in displaying across their pages pictures of celebrities photographed with powerful zoom lenses showing the orange peel like skin around their legs and butt of the latest celebrity as if it was some sort of serious illness.

Just cast your eye across the shelves of the drug store, beauty counter or the numerous websites out there and you’ll find dozens of creams, potions and lotions to get rid of cellulite. Strange thing is they will all claim to be the best solution to get rid of your dimpled areas on your legs and thighs a condition known as cellulite.

People either choose to ignore that fact or simply don’t know that the best known way to get rid of cellulite and indeed prevent it in the first place is actually free. It’s simple really EXERCISE that all you need to do to get rid of those embarassing lumps and bumps. Try bike riding or walking and the cellulite will drop off and you’ll tone your legs and butt better than any cream, lotion or other crazy method known to man or woman.

Oh there is a down side you might actually have to do something but look on the bright side you’ll also probably lose a few pounds in to the bargain.

I find it so difficult to understand why when we have let our bodies fall into bad shape before we start worrying about it them. If only we started looking after them before hand we would all live much healthier lives.

Don’t think that cellulite is a sign of bad health it is not , nor is it a disease or even and illness . You might find this hard to accept if you listen to the skin care companies or read articles in womens magazines. But their interests lie else where.

A brisk walk for about 30-40 minutes dialy will do far more for your overall health and boost your feeling of well being far more than any cream, lotion or even the now increasingly popular muscle stimulators. If you took at look at some of the research out there which I did for you you’ll find cellulite is nothing more than fatty tissue. It is not especially unhealthy (unless it is part of an overall overweight or obesity problem) and to be fair is little different to any other fat on your body.

Which ever topical product you apply or nutritional supplement you choose to take or device you try or even spa treatment you pay for they all come with little or no guarantee of success. You should also heed the fact that few of these products have been tested for safety and most are pretty much ineffective. You still can’t beat simple exercise and healthy eating regimen to get rid or unwanted surplus fat anywhere on the body.

You must not forget your body shape and the way it disperses fat around the body is a genetic trait so if you get cellulite if all else fails just say your mom gave it to you.

A good source for information is the U.S. Library of Medicine if you have cellulite concerns:

– Have a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.Plenty of fluids (8-10 glasses of water a day ). Frequent exercise. Maintain a healthy weight without any huge weight variations, Stop smoking.

There is no need for concern about cellulite but with all those magazines bombarding you I expect you’ll find that hard to accept.

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