Cellulite Therapy – The Light Energy Way

There are many commercial and artificial methods to cure cellulite. However, cellulite therapy is also an option among many.

You should choose the right cellulite treatment before you select on one. Consult your doctor regarding your cellulite, see how severe it is and ask for his advice. Many therapies like massage, mesotherapy, endermologie and others prove useful in treating cellulite. Many skilled and licensed technicians perform these therapies that are safe and very effective. Ultrasound therapy is a professionally administered treatment that reduces the unpleasant uneven dimpling skin skilfully. So let us get acknowledged about body contouring advantages of removing cellulite.

Smoother skin with ultrasound technique

By now you must be well aware about the infamous cellulite and its unattractive appearance on the skin, the lumps, dimples and lumps that are formed on the skin. Cellulite is nothing but a deformed body fat cell. A fat cell under normal conditions has smaller size and does not show lumpiness formed due to build up of connective bands that surround the fat cell.

Controlled energy from ultrasound

Ultrasound is a light energy that delivers light energy in specific and required amounts underneath the skin. This energy is concentrated on the thigh area or cellulite region where damage has been caused to the upper skin surface. This ultrasound energy is immediately absorbed by the fat cells causing the interior temperature to rise by five degrees or more. The temperature causes the breaking down of cell membrane that allows the accumulated cellular fat to be released through natural body elimination process.

Benefits and safety features of cellulite therapy

Ultrasound therapy has evolved to be a safe diagnostic tool. Ultrasound has been used to monitor a foetus in mother’s womb; it has been used as a tool in kidney disease to break the kidney stones. The advantage of ultrasound is that it requires no anaesthesia and scalpels. The only feeling that a patient gets is of slight warming beneath the surface. Ultrasound technique does not cause any swelling, pain or bruising. Offers little down time and virtually no health risks or pre-treatment regimen.

To get better results, ultrasound cellulite therapy also features mechanical massaging for the treated area. This assists the break up of butt or thigh cellulite cell membranes, discharge swelling of fat cells, and enhance lymphatic action and blood circulation to allow the fat to flow away from butt and legs resulting natural body elimination.

Effective than cellulite creams, pills and other artificial products

You are well aware of the fact that your thigh cellulite is slowly developing and is an irreversible process. These deformed fat cells produce huge amounts of cells beneath the skin surface. No cellulite cream has enough potential to penetrate the dermal barriers. So the effectiveness is doubtful in such cases. Even pills do not completely target your cellulite problem in an efficient manner.

Costs and plans for your cellulite therapy

Treatment has to be customized for each body. Every body has to be treated in a unique way. You can ask for detailed information on estimate of multi-session from your clinic or doctor. You will require 5 to 10 or may be more sessions for your treatment and each treatment session lasts upto 90 minutes.


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