The Road To Intimate Apparel

When ever purchasing intimate apparel for that special some one in your life, you need to know that the thought truly counts, but if there was very little thought put into the purchase, then your gift may definitely back fire on you.

The thought of giving a woman an intimate gift of lingerie that exposes her body and it is the wrong size, too revealing for the woman’s sense of modesty, or the wrong color is just plain insulting to any woman. Here is a helpful checklist for the uninformed and ill advised, but it is really just a couple of suggestions that should help men choose lingerie appropriate for the occasion, and most importantly the woman who will wear the lingerie.

First and foremost is the woman! Never lose sight of the fact that you are buying lingerie for a living, breathing, thinking creature. It is not like buying a toothbrush or even a sweater, because lingerie comes with a sexual charge, which is one reason many men buy lingerie. That sexual charge can be great and it can be the basis of disappointment. Unlike other gifts, lingerie is the most intimate gift one can buy for a woman. It is worn under her clothing away from the prying eyes of other men and women, reserved only for the special person in her life. It exposes some potential flaws, real, or otherwise that she likely does not like to advertise to anyone, especially the man in her life.

She may think her butt is too big, her tummy is out of shape, or she needs a tan. True or not, these are very real issues to her, and a lack of consideration in buying sexy underwear can expose some pretty sensitive feelings. Beware! You, as the man in her life should know about these concerns, and you better take them seriously. Put the shoe on the other foot for a moment. Say, you are convinced that a certain part of your anatomy is too large, or say you think you are too fat! Now, your girl brings home a pair of thong underwear in lime green for you to wear that makes your gut, butt, and everything else available to be seen, and lets say you are not too pleased. To add insult to injury, say she wants to take your picture and post it on the Internet. How do you feel? Get the picture?

Sensitivity to your lover is your number one job. With that being said how do you buy lingerie that addresses her needs? As difficult as it may sound, you can improve your and her chances with a few tips. First, think about her, think about her likes, dislikes in clothing, comments she may have made about various fashion styles, celebrities, and her comfort level when it comes to lingerie and intimacy. If this sound a little like a primer on relationships, it is and it isn’t. The truth is buying lingerie does require knowing something about the recipient, and since it is a gift that has a sexual charge, it definitely helps to know about her likes and dislikes in and out of the bedroom.

Does this mean that you should not buy lingerie for someone you do not know a lot about? Of course it does! We all agree we do not buy lingerie for a parent, or even a sister, so it goes that buying an intimate gift for a lover that we know little to nothing about is a recipe for failure, at best. This is not saying you can not buy your mother a robe, or perhaps something else in the lingerie store, but most of us realize that lingerie is reserved for intimate partners.

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Supermodels' Secret Butt Lift Workout for a Lifted, Toned Butt

Angela-Marie-Carter_732869The secret is out! The Supermodels' secret butt lift workout that are used by Victoria Secret Supermodels have now been released to the public and made available for all women to use. The Brazil Butt Lift Workout used by Victoria Secret Supermodels and developed by supermodel trainer Leandro Carvalho is now available for purchase.

Many women are using the workout to get results that supermodels have been getting for years. Women have been able to use the Brazil Butt Lift workout to reduce, lift, and shape. Now, women who have been frustrated with not seeing results from traditional squats and lunges can breathe a sigh of relief and get the lifted, smooth, toned butt that they want.

The secret behind this workout is a special workout training method called the TriAngle Training Method. This training method works the three different muscles of the butt from multiple angles to give it the perfect round shape and lift. The workout is a great solution for any woman who has used machines like stair climbers and who have considered using uncomfortable, tight body reshapers to give her butt a lift.

Perhaps the best thing that the workout has done is remove the excuses that many women believe for why they haven't been able to get the perfect butt that they want. One of these excuses is that she can't change her butt. Many women believe that because they weren't born with the perfect butt or supermodel genes that they will never be able to get the butt they want. This is why so many women turn to funny shaped, unnatural looking butt pads and tight, uncomfortable body reshapers to get the shape they want. Now with this butt lift workout, women can get the butt that they want, no matter their genes or butt type.

By Angela Marie Carter

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