Is Addiction To Cosmetic Surgery A Psychological Disorder?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: A Quest For Perfection People with this disorder frequently examine their appearance in a mirror, constantly compare their appearance with that of others and avoid social situations or photos and to overcome this mental disorder, they undergo cosmetic surgery to overcome their obsession of the ‘perfect’ look. This mental obsessive disorder is[…]

Myths and Facts of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Every year, thousands of people opt for cosmetic and plastic surgery. While the main aim of cosmetic surgery is to improve the outer appearance of a person, plastic surgery aims more at reconstruction. Cosmetic surgery is the procedure that a person chooses to have whereas plastic surgery is normally done after a major injury. But[…]

World’s Best Places for Cosmetic Surgery: Thailand

Travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular these days. With the restrictions imposed by the cost of medical treatments in many countries is beyond the budget of average people, and most insurance policies only cover necessary treatments. They rarely consider cosmetic surgery necessary, even if it is of tremendous importance to a person’s[…]

Get Best Cosmetic Solutions From Our Family Dentist At Orland Park

Improve Teeth Appearance with Cosmetic DentistAn illuminating smile speaks louder than a million words. It defines your mood while also expressing your personality. However, not everyone is lucky to have well shaped, bright looking teeth and this is where a cosmetic dentist comes in handy. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) says there has[…]

Keep Your Jawbone Healthy with Cosmetic Dentistry in Arizona

Living in contemporary urban society has provided us with a plethora of technological advancements – the speed at which we now live allows for endless opportunities and the world at your fingertips. Although this fast paced living provides us with infinite advantages there are a couple of areas that take a knock. One such area[…]

Enhance your appearance with Cosmetic Dentist West Hartford CT

To get that everlasting smile and enhance your appearance, visit the Cosmetic Dentist West Hartford CT and indulge into the right treatment. Cosmetic dentistry is now available at an affordable rate. Planning to take up a career in acting, sales, modeling, reporter, anchor, MC or fashion no need to worry about your smile or public[…]

In Beverly Hills, David Alessi is One of the Most Talented Expert for Cosmetic Surgeon

Technological advancements in the medical arena have led to newer developments in cosmetic and plastic surgery. In the past, facial surgery was mainly used for correcting scars, birthmarks and malformations. Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is also being used by people who wish to improve their looks. David Alessi is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has treated[…]

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures In Bellaire Today

A decade or two ago, the thought of Bellaire cosmetic dentistry was synonymous with images of toothy, overly bright “Hollywood” smiles, but today’s cosmetic ideals focus more on individual beauty and health. The one-size fits all treatment methods that churned out cookie cutter smiles into 80’s and 90’s are gone, and cosmetic dentists now work[…]