Eyelid Surgery: The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedure

It eliminates the fat and skin, but doesn’t remove the dark circles under the eyes, or any other facial wrinkles as well. Along with other facial procedures such as laser resurfacing, filler injections and forehead lift, this surgery in whole brings a natural youthful appearance to one. The Eyelid Aging Process With growing age, the[…]

Cosmetic Surgery Eyelid Lifts: Recuperation and Risks of the Surgery

No surgery is ever a risk-free procedure, even if it is a simple operation. Some points must be kept in mind when before heading for an eyelid lift. Discuss these with your surgeon, and clear out your concerns about any procedures with him. The doctor will always help you out with such questions. Risk Factors[…]

Advice From Plastic Surgeons In Eyelid Surgery

If you have considered eyelid surgery before, you may not know what makes a prospective patient a good candidate. Plastic surgeons consult with many patients regarding how they feel about their eyes. Many men and women discover that they are better candidates for other other cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures. Information is key to understanding[…]

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery In Dallas: Home To Some Of The Best Surgeons

Plastic eyelid surgery in Dallas should be an obvious choice given the fact that Dallas has excellent facilities, and the surgeons there are well known by the rest of the country. Even in a small cosmetic surgery office, there will be an expert cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist to take care of your cosmetic surgery needs.[…]

Essentials before opting for cosmetic eyelid surgery

* Indications of eyelid surgery?Droopy eyelids are a major reason why people consider eyelid surgery or Blepheroplasty to reduce the tiny variations of skin and fat that makes a huge contribution into one’s self-consciousness, such as of “losing youth”. Even though, youth has virtually nothing to do with age or the signs of aging most[…]

Eyelid Tuck – The Third Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Report, in 2008 195,104 cosmetic eyelid surgeries were preformed in the United States, making it the third most popular plastic surgery performed. An eyelid tuck, medically termed a blepharoplasty, is a type of cosmetic surgery whose purpose is to remove sagging, unwanted skin, bulges and hanging[…]