FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW YORK CITY, NY – NEPHEW TOMMY announces his plus size women’s denim line – SHADES OF BLU Shades Of Blu derived from the strong, on-air personality of comedian/actor Thomas Miles, known as co-host Nephew Tommy of the #1 nationally syndicated “Steve Harvey Morning Show”. His vibrant personality and strong “ladies[…]

Beautiful Curves Ahead: Have A Voloptuous Silhouette With Your Pair Of Denim Jeans

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity-all I hope for in my clothes.” The quote comes from no less than fashion empire icon Yves Saint Laurent, who have all of the high-class[…]

Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Stretch Jeans

The history of jeans goes completely back to the 19th century, and was initially designed by a man named Jacob Davis. During that period, jeans were just meant for those who worked hard each day for example miners and hard labor workers. A couple of years later, Levi Strauss went together with Davis and collectively[…]

Pajama Jeans Review – Are Pajama Jeans Honestly Unique?

Despite becoming a ageless fashionable form of outergarments, denims are often notoriously uncomfortable as a consequence of the lack of a good fit and relaxing comfort they provide their wearers. Ladies have long wanted a option that enabled them to wear pants with the comfort of jammies although with the style of trendy denims. With[…]

Get Terrific Fit Fabrizio Gianni and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans is a relatively new brand founded in the year 2003 in Los Angeles. It is the first ‘tummy tuck jeans’ which ingeniously conceals a woman’s imperfections. The product is extremely popular among women because it is styled in such a way to give you that perfect slim look which looks so[…]