Liposuction Multiple Areas For A Complete Body Contouring Makeover

Problem areas is a significant term when you have problems with your arms, thighs, flanks, and tummy, that wasn’t certainly natures gift, but with the unusual lifestyle habits, inactivity, and many other life that disturb our body contour. Liposuction is a sophisticated plastic surgery, when performed under experienced surgeons, a session of multiple problem areas[…]

Large Breasts can Cause Multiple Problems

Large breasts can cause multiple problems, including neck, back, shoulder pain, headaches, shoulder-grooving (bra-straps digging in), interference with activities and exercise, rashes under the breasts, inability to find clothing that fits properly and psychological problems with self-image. As a result, women with large breasts are often in chronic pain, have little energy and may be[…]

Discover The Multiple Sorts Of Operations Performed In Lebanon

When speaking about plastic surgery in Lebanon, many people will agree that it is one of the best locations that people from everywhere in the world wish to go. This is due to the fact that Lebanon has various types of plastic surgeries to be offered to consumers and the price of each surgery is[…]

Reasons Why Laser Lipo Provides Multiple Advances Over Usual Liposuction methods

Obesity has become a serious health problem in several nations across the world, especially the developed countries, which has caused people to proactively seek leaner bodies with no extra fat. There are several ways and treatments to remove or reduce fat from the bodies of overweight people. But, the problem with most of the techniques[…]

Breast Surgeries: Multiple Purposes

Breast AugmentationAugmentation Mamoplasty, commonly known as Breast Augmentation, is a surgical procedure, which involves placement of breast implants for increasing the fullness and improving the symmetry of the breast simultaneously restoring breast volume, especially after reducing weight drastically or post pregnancy.Breast augmentation surgery can be performed in two ways, by means of breast implants or[…]

Multiple Cosmetic Procedures Performed at Once – How Many is Too Many?

Cosmetic surgery is elective, and therefore a patient’s health and well-being are more important than the outcome. It is relatively common for plastic surgeons to perform multiple cosmetic procedures during a single operation. Because plastic surgery is a form of art, this approach can be advantageous in that it can allow a surgeon to continually[…]