Useful Guidelines to Protect Yourself From Blood Borne Pathogens

Acquired Immune Immunodeficiency Syndrome, hepatitis, malaria, syphilis, arboviral infections and relapsing fever are some of the diseases caused by blood borne pathogens. If your job requires you to be exposed to blood or other potentially infectious fluids, you must know and understand how to protect yourself against infections caused by blood borne pathogens. Blood borne[…]

Sunscreen And UV Rays – How To Protect Against Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is an increasingly common disease that is thought to be caused by over exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This combined with certain genetic predispositions, like fair skin, can make a person particularly vulnerable to developing skin cancer. Most people get exposed to UV radiation from spending time in the Sun. As it is[…]

Protect Your Pet from Deadly Dental Ailments

For maximum protection of your pets (dogs and cats) from unseen circumstances special and personalized care should be exercised. In fact, the very basic procedures such as daily bathing and cleaning of their teeth are necessary in order to avoid the attack of bacteria, viruses and other infectious diseases. Proper care should be given to[…]