Detroit Lions Lose Again, But Show Steady Improvement

Many people thought it couldn’t be done — that is the dreaded 0-16 record the Lions suffered in 08′. Accumulating an 0-16 record was less likely than going 16-0, which the New England Patriots accomplished in 07′ just a year prior. The Detroit Lions from 99′ — 08′ compiled an astonishing record of 48-112. If[…]

Statistics Show Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Jacksonville, Elsewhere is On the Rise with the Economy

A report released recently by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons includes statistics that bear out a coming resurgence in the facial surgery and cosmetic procedure business. Statistics are based on the ASPS’ online national database and annual survey of board-certified plastic surgeons. Here’s what ASAP researchers learned: 1. 13.1 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures[…]

Superficial Surgery Debut A New You And Show Them Whose Boss

Beauty that rocks society. The definition of beauty varies over time, varies from country to country, and varies from community to community. Truly, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But one thing remains constant irrespective of youth or who you are and that is the world admires beauty and that explains why good-looking[…]

Orthodontists Show Concern For Those With Bruxism

Jaws clenched shut and teeth crushing. These indicate that the times are testing our patience. Potentially harmful and abnormal movements of the mouth are reflections of tension caused by job insecurity, inflation, identity crises, and the like. It is getting common for adults to exhibit a condition known as bruxism, where adults grind their teeth[…]