Lady Lux’s Favorite Fitness Guru’s for Spring Break Motivation

Here at Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear we are all about staying fit and staying fine, but the bigger picture is staying healthy. With spring break in an arm’s reach, we want to share some motivational love! Kayla Itsines, Ashy Bines, and the Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina, are all ladies who practice what[…]

How to Lift the Winter Blues and Step into Spring Feeling Fine Thanks to Pampering and Salon Services

Spring is coming and after a very long dreary winter your skin and hair will be suffering. You may have a dull complexion and tired skin coupled with an overgrown hairstyle. We often pamper ourselves around Christmas time and by March we are ready for an overhaul to brighten our looks and send us into[…]

Silver Spring Orthodontist Explain TMJ Disorders, PART 1: Introduction and Definition

Countless Silver Spring residents live for years with recurring chronic migraines, believing that they are simply predisposed to having severe headaches. But did you know that a major cause of chronic headaches is temporomandibular disorder? TMD is a very common condition that affects many people. Unfortunately, it frequently goes without diagnosis because its sufferers simply[…]

The Good Old Bad Days are a Thing of the Past with Dental Implants in Silver Spring

Change is never an easy thing, but yet it is unavoidable. With each new Silver Spring generation comes a long list of things that are new, are strange and are not the way you remember. Sometimes it takes a little while to adapt. You start by spending most of your time talking about ‘the good[…]

Give Your Allergies A Sniffle-Free Spring :Address Possible Nutrient Deficiencies

Allergies are more than an inconvenience, they make most sufferers tired and irritable, unable to concentrate or learn effectively, and process information less efficiently. Until I got my allergies under control, I did not know how the whole experience had effected my life. As a child I was fortunate not to know what an allergy[…]

What the Dentist in Silver Spring MD has to say about Dental Implants, PART 2

Welcome back to the second installment of this two part article series! In our previous post, we explained what dental implants are and how they work. In this article we will be outlining the benefits and advantages of this fantastic teeth replacement technology. Due to a number of reasons, there will likely come a time[…]

Dentists in Silver Spring talk about the Benefits of Dental Implants

So you’ve just noticed a strange pain in your gums, and one of your teeth feels a bit loose. “Was that pain there yesterday? Oh well, it will probably go away tomorrow!” Or at least that’s what you tell yourself to avoid that visit to your local dentist. Unfortunately these seemingly insignificant pains and problems[…]

Ruffle Butts Trendy Baby Clothes For Spring and Summer

Out of all of the top baby boutique designers on, no one can resist the cute fashions of Ruffle Butts. From their sweet leg warmers to their trendy baby clothes, Ruffle Butts always designs the cutest baby fashions. Not only are their baby fashions worthy of any little girl’s wardrobe, but they also make[…]